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Article #1

Hand-Painted Magnets...a Must!!

Are you always misplacing your needles? Do you loose your scissors and worry about which "end" you will find first? Do you park your thread "tails", when working on a frame or a hoop, only to get a traffic jam of tangles? This gadget will save the day!

These two pieces of magnet are just about the slickest thing for us needle workers. They work great if you are a frame or hoop stitcher, by putting one piece on each side of the fabric. OR if you are stitching in hand, or need another place to put something that is metal WEAR THEM!! I love wearing one on my shirt collar or pocket. The pretty, hand painted part, is what goes on top and the other side holds the front in place.

When you are separating threads, or getting ready to "load your needle" just part it on these magnets. (I always know where my needle is now).

Those "parked" thread tails, can be secured underneath the front of the magnet. No more thread messes.

I can't imagine being without them. I love the larger ones because they will hold my embroidery scissors.

The special "Still Stitching" fairy was hand designed and painted, just for me. I know that you are going to LOVE yours!

Still Stitching,



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