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Dear Stitching Friends,

Hello Everyone!

New post on Star Stitch http://starstitchblog.com/2014/04/01/a-natural-teacher/

It is almost Spring time and I know that makes MANY of you happy!

It has been a difficult winter, but I hope it has given you time to stitch. It seems as that is always the activity that calms my heart and soul.

I have created, what I believe are the BEST projects ever!!

It all starts with WELCOME HOME. This trolley has become a stitchers statement (kind of like our stitching shirts!!!). They are rolling all over the place, filled with our needlework treasures and dreams. The part I love is seeing what color schemes everyone has gone with and how they are accessorizing them. Don’t miss this one!

Then comes the PICNIC! Mr. CJ is planning on grilling and the giggles never sop on this fun easy stitch day.

Greenfield Village is the first of August. I am very proud to be sharing the special needlework of they house. This is a tour that you all need to attend. There is a commuter fee, too. The Southern ones are always sell outs, so I hope this one is too.

I am hoping to have a SPOOKY adding workshop in August YEAH!!!

BUT…if not YOU ALL know not to miss Shipshewana. The most wonderful one!!!! The food, the rooms, the project!!!! What makes this project special? The little pin cushion house is the adaptation of a sampler that I own. It is from the early 1800’s and was not finished. I sit and look at it, and wonder what happened. Did the stitcher grow tired of this project, did it get misplaced in a move to another region, did an illness or death happen? Part of my intrigue is the wondering of this. I fell in love with the colors and took the license to use the same tones. The original is stitched all over 2 threads, and not well (thus, the first thought...stitcher grew tired of the work)! The sampler stitches that I used were executed in the work, except for the Long-Arm Cross going around a corner. I imagine that the needleworker would be smiling down on this “repurposing” of their work! It is stitched on 26 mocha linen. There are 12 stitches, with one going around a corner. Blanket Stitch, Reverse Scotch, Cross Stitch over 1/2, Satin Stitch, Flat, Backstitching, Joining, Four-sided, Long-Arm Cross and Long-Arm Cross around a Corner, Eyelet, and Smyrna.You will learn to assemble a three dimensional pin cushion house, AND a “pie” pin cushion. The Third Hand, as they were called (type of Sewing Bird) are all handmade. The dove tailed corners are exquisite and the little drawer is where you will keep your dreams…and stuff! When we had our expert lecturer, about the historical European samplers, this was featured!!!!! I was really excited as I did not know it was going to be! (More people have wanted to order this kit than any other one I have done!) THEY ARE LIMITED!!!

So, my stitching gals! Sign up for all of these adventures, as it is always a long winter. You can make payments, too!

Still Stitching, Susan

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