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Dear Stitching Friends,

Hello Stitching Friends,

The Sibbel club has been such a joy that Sally and I put together her working tray that she would have had when she left the orphanage. This is being taught in Trenton, FL on February 20 - 21. You can also special order this beautiful set of smallls that set inside your own work tray. By this time the book A Journey with Sibbel, should be published by Sally Criswell and myself. We are honored to be a part of the Kansas Star Family!

February 21, in the later part of the afternoon, there will be a Sampler Lecture as well. Information is on my “Where is Susan”.

I will be traveling to Nashville, the end of February and then onto Myrtle Beach and Bermuda…what special events these are. So, my stitching friends, come join me and relieve your stress, sadness, or anything that has you in a “funk”!

Still Stitching, Susan

Click on the picture to get an order form so that you can pre-order A Journey with Sibbel which will be coming out at the end of February.


Come to an Autograph Party:

Sibbel Autograph Party
March 18
Golden Needle, Pt. Charlotte, FL
3-4:30 or 6:30-7:30

Sibbel Autograph Party
March 21
During the Spring Fling at the Community Center
Old Mill Stitchery
131 S. Water Street
Liberty, MO 64068





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